I thought two expert SB.com participants (both long involved in the industry) made two good points over the weekend.

One said something like, "people often ask about or state 'the best' bourbon. Reality is bourbon is a matter of taste. We can agree most superpremiums are far better than top shelf but the fun of being a bourbon enthusiast is finding a lot of bourbons that are really good." My own comment would add that it's great to see award winners, but I'm always pleased to find another bourbon I like and happy to eliminate one (particularly a high-priced one) that I don't really get excited about.

The other SB.com expert participant said something like, "I hate to see people say this bourbon tastes like Sh#t... It's all a matter of opinion." Gees, yes, more bourbon is poured with Coke anyway. Besides, most of us when we first got to know bourbon were not drinking the high-priced stuff, either. Seems good to me to agree that there are a lot better bourbons than some others. But maybe we don't want to discourage the newcomers who've been drinking JB white label for years like I used to. Believe it or not the other night I was poured Ten High and I actually was able to appreciate it (better than some blends I've had before).

Just thought these were worth passing along. There's gold among us.

You guys and gals rock~