Hello all. My Dad would surely have loved this site. He was a Jim Beam loyalist for over 65 years. South Dakota farm boy, you know?
Anyhow he left me a very handsome bottle of Old Weller Original 107 proof bourbon (aged natural 7 years in wood).
I've read the dating procedures here on this site (very informative) but I think this bottle may have some other special value as it is hand numbered: No. 9808-A, in the upper left corner of the front label. It has a red tax(?) paper label with no numbers across the plastic screw on cap which only reads "distilled spirits", a UPC code on the back label, "750ml, 25.4 fl oz" embossed into the glass on the back and "16", "a square", "85", and then in reverse "a diamond" and "579" embossed into the bottom of the bottle's glass. The front has reflecting illustrations of the same man. The enitre bottle is covered with gold veining. It also has a descriptive hang tag attached to the neck with a small gold cord.
Can anyone help me establish a value? Your efforts and information are greatly appreciated.
Cheers, Lanie