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    Whiskey Rocks Glasses

    Who on here collects whiskey rocks glasses? I've noticed i've got a small collection growing.

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    Re: Whiskey Rocks Glasses

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Torrence View Post
    Who on here collects whiskey rocks glasses? I've noticed i've got a small collection growing.
    I don't collect but I do accumulate--typically from distillery visits and Christmas gift sets. My favorites are WT glasses from the distillery. They are large, have a nice heavy base, and taper in so that there is more nose than with regular rocks glasses.
    If God made anything better than bourbon he must have kept it for Hisself.

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    Re: Whiskey Rocks Glasses

    As Flyfish said, I also accumulate rather than actively collect. I've got a few rocks glasses I like and a handful of Glencairns. I do scout around for cool glasses when I'm in a place that sells them. I tend to favor interesting design over memorabilia factors.

    Good glassware does enhance the experience of good bourbon and it's nice to have a few different styles of glasses on hand when you don't feel like a Glennie, i.e.


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    Re: Whiskey Rocks Glasses

    I do and if anyone knows where I could get some old Four Roses glasses with the red roses in the bottom,i would appreciate it.
    Also would like some Blantons glasses but cannot get them to respond to my calls to see about availability..



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