Most of us here rightfully disdain Red Stag, Jack Daniel's Honey and the rest, but make no mistake, they are very popular. The other day in my local supermarket, they had a Jack Daniel's end cap display and half of it was Old No. 7, the other half was Jack Daniel's Honey.

Although sometimes companies can get more shelf facings than they deserve, for the most part facings are a good indicator of popularity. If your store has five facings of Jim Beam White Label and three facings of Red Stag, you can be pretty confident that they are selling three bottles of Red Stag for every five bottles they're selling of Jim Beam White. And since you can't have less than one facing and be in the store, that store is selling at least three-times as much Red Stag as they are anything with a single facing.

Jim Beam's marketing muscle can gain sampling and initial placement, but this product has now been on the market for a couple of years. It's getting plenty of repurchase.

A former poster here had a good use for Red Stag. She mixed it with Knob Creek.