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    Re: Using a Brandy Warmer for Bourbon

    It difficult to call it a gimmick unless you have tried it. Everyone has an opinion. Some will find an added value, others won't. To my surprise, I actually noticed a favorable difference using the warmer.

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    Re: Using a Brandy Warmer for Bourbon

    I'd be afraid to drip hot wax on my chin........wait I get it, first you remove the glass from the holder

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    Re: Using a Brandy Warmer for Bourbon

    Quote Originally Posted by squire View Post
    Yes, it's a gimmick, but as gimmicks go it can arguably be said it has some use.

    Attach a copper pipe to a lid, cover the glass, submerge the pipe in cold water, discard the first few drops, collect the remaining liquid in another glass, wait till it cools to room temperature, drink.

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    Re: Using a Brandy Warmer for Bourbon

    Quote Originally Posted by cowdery View Post
    Is there a risk that a high proof bourbon might ignite of explode?
    Ignite ...yes, explode ... no. An ethanol explosion (rapid over-pressurization] can not occur in an unsealed container.

    Is this a "gimmick"? Maybe, my experience has been with with high sugar content liquors ... where the spirit is heated and then the vapor space is ignited for a short period of time ... the "burn" caramelizes the residual sugars in the liquor ... and results in a very pleasurable and complex taste profile.

    The danger ... ethanol burns with a nearly undetectable blue (very hot) flame ... so 1) someone may not realize that the alcohol is burning, and attempting to take a sip can be catastrophic ... or, 2) attempts to extinguish the burning liquid may appear to be successful ... but are not ... resulting in a potential burn situation.
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