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Thread: SB 4 grain?

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    SB 4 grain?

    I know I read somewhere here about an OWA 107 and Ritt BIB 50/50 blend. Finally threw 1/2 btl of each into the decanter and am really enjoying it. Thank u to whoever came up with that blend. I don't really like to vat good booze but it stands to reason that two really good whiskies would blend well. These do
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    Re: SB 4 grain?

    A couple years back I had bottles of WLW, Saz18 and GTS all running out at the same time, about 1-2 inches left in each, so mingled them together.

    It was spectacular whiskey.

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    Re: SB 4 grain?

    Heresy, I know, but I put a few drops of GTS into a dram of JPS18 that I found a touch too thin and bitter (forget the batch # off-hand). The result was totally amazing. Reminded me of the Hirsch 16 a bit.

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    Re: SB 4 grain?

    That sounds like an interesting blend . . . need to add to my weekend to-do list!
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