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    Re: Bourbons that really SHINE with ice and water

    EWB tastes much better over ice than neat for me. Also, I've just found out that Larceny is delicious over ice as I'm enjoying a pour right now.

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    Re: Bourbons that really SHINE with ice and water

    Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. I drank my bourbon neat, then added a splash, and finished off with some ice.
    What I find interesting about this thread is the number of SBers who confess to not only drinking but enjoying a wide variety of bourbons on ice. I would have guessed there would be more input from those who always, always, always take theirs neat the way God intended it.
    If God made anything better than bourbon he must have kept it for Hisself.

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    Re: Bourbons that really SHINE with ice and water

    I pretty much only drink whiskey over ice if it's mixed in a cocktail. Anything BIB or under pretty much always gets drunk neat, over that may or may not get a splash of water. I try every new to me whiskey neat, regardless of proof, but if it's over 114 pf I usually prefer it with a little water.

    The key is to enjoy it. Whatever someone else does to enjoy theirs makes no difference to me. Whenever I serve whiskey to guests, I always have a small pitcher of ice water at hand, so they can have it their way.



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