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    Michter\'s US1 Unbleded American Whiskey Batch# 3E1

    I received a new bottle and thought I would share a picture of it with you all. I've not heard much about it, probably because it's not a bourbon, but an Unblended American Whiskey as the label says. The label is near identical to the 10 year Michter's Single Barrel Bourbon (black label) and Rye (green label) labels, this one being blue. Inside the hangtag on one side is what is written on the back of the bottle, see photo below. The other side of the hangtag says "The Michter's legacy traces back to America's first distilling Company established in 1753. Over the years Michter's has earned praise from whiskey lovers as well as acclaim from writers for its exceptional small production American Whiskies, Ryes, and Bourbons. We hope that our Small Batch spirits show you that exceptional whiskey making in America is alive and well and as good as it gets! Thank you for trying our uniquely flavourful whiskeys. Enjoy!"

    I must say that for being made in 'bourbon-soaked' white oak barrel's (I'm assuming used barrels) it is remarkebly dark in color, even at a relatively low proof of 83.4 When I can get a 2nd bottle, I'll let you all know impressions...
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