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    Re: How to figure out who distributes in your area

    Quote Originally Posted by T Comp View Post
    Sazerac also owns a distributor, Gemini Spirtis & Wine which distributes Glenfarclas, Del Maguey and Forty Creek to name a few http://www.geminispiritswine.com/about.asp
    And as we are all about the absolute truth here at SB, as the "internet's foremost source of bourbon information" , the wholly owned subsidiary of Sazerac, Gemini Spirits & Wine, is an importer and brand developer of spirits but not an actual distributor within the three tier system. Mea culpa. However Mr. Goldring, chairman of Sazerac is also chairman of, Crescent Crown Distributing, a beer distributor. He also owned the distributor, Republic National Distilling, until he sold in 2010.


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    Re: How to figure out who distributes in your area

    Do other states publish a journal for retailers and bars listing distributors and the products they carry? Here in Georgia they have one and so I made friends with an owner and he graciously gave me a relatively current copy making it easier for me to find who distributes what. Contrary to other posts I have had (some) success in calling distributors directly to, um, encourage them to bring in certain things or learn which stores might still have inventory of a particular product. It isn't guaranteed but it can help focus your search.

    In other words I am not above grovelling for what I want! The worst they can do is say no. Admittedly it probably helps to have a retailer also contacting them on my behalf as well but if you want to be sure something happens it doesn't hurt to follow through on it yourself!
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