The reason I said "today" in the title was, I've been buying this off and on for about 20 years. Every time I buy it, it tastes different. The first bottles were very fruity and minty, like certain yellow fruits but not banana.

Later, the whiskey seemed a little dull and woody. I had the odd nice bottle but it wasn't as good as the first time.

Last year, I bought two bottles and these were my least favourite: dull with an offputting "fresh wood" taste. It still had as all the bottlings do pot still notes, but not in the best presentation.

Today, I bought two more bottles, one to give a friend. This batch is one of the best I've ever had, as good as that first group which I bought in London. Not quite as fruity but full, sweet and rich in body with complex notes from the unmalted barleys.

This is classy stuff, the real deal and worth every penny.


P.S. I've never had Yellow Spot but I doubt I'd like it as much as the Green Spot because I don't like when the wood obtrudes and Yellow Spot is older. Green Spot - or rather this current bottling at LCBO - hits all the bases.