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If you can get it for $23 you can't go wrong...$31.99 here. The Party Source price on their sold out unchill filtered was $25.99 and that was some good whiskey.

As to Alden's original question, historically EC 12 is probably the most polarizing major brand of bourbon in terms of like or dislike. The dislikes often describe a metallic taste. I get a bit of a mediciney-band aid smell, not so much on taste, that I chalk up to HH house style along with the delicious ripe stone fruit also part of the HH house style.
I would echo the general consensus and also affirm this side-note. There is (what I would describe as) an astringency to EC12 that is very controversial, but personally I like it just fine. Overall, excellent quality and distinctive flavor for about $25-$28, IMHO.