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Just got a fun email from Heaven Hill. They are sending out free stick-on labels for EC12 if you are a part of the Bardstown Whiskey Society. They fit right over the existing label of your bottle of EC12 and they allow you to have three lines of custom print. I put "2013 Deer Season, For the Enjoyment of, B. Gross" I hunt with my uncle Bernie, my dad Bruce, and I am Brett. We all enjoy EC12 very much. I sent a 1.75 of it to my dad for his birthday. I can't wait to be telling tall tales at our deer shack during opener and then pull out the custom label bottle after our first day out. This extra effort by Heaven Hill makes me feel really good about sending my money their way.
Just curious.... I too, am a deer hunter (with my son-in-law). Where do you hunt??? We hunt in Montmorency County, Michigan.