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    Re: Rye or Wheat based bourbons, what is you're choice?

    I really enjoy both but wanted to ask a question. What type of still are you using? I am just wondering if there are any wheaters currently that are made in a pot still??? I don't know a lot about the technical aspects of all of the brands out there now but I do know that I pick up a distinct nuttiness from some of the pot still whiskeys I have tasted and it might be interesting to see how that would play with a wheat based recipe. Again there may be several options out there now that fit that bill...I just don't know. As for proof I tend to enjoy it around 100-110.

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    Re: Rye or Wheat based bourbons, what is you're choice?

    As someone just starting out with whiskey, I find the wheaters easier to appreciate. I am starting to like some common ryes as well (Russels Reserve, FourRoses OBxx). I love the fact there are so many choices out there. It will take years to try them all.
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