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OK, interesting recipes. Thanks for your input guys.

I'm sipping the one I just made right now. Here's what I ended up doing:

2 teaspoons white sugar mixed with about a half oz warm water. Then I put in 6 drops of Angostura bitters. Then added a small wedge of orange and two cherries, and mixed it again with the spoon. Finally, added two oz of 4Roses YL and three cubes of ice. Mixed again.

It's sweet, and fruity, that's for sure.
Depending on how you found that one, you might want to consider cutting the sugar back to nearer a tsp and replacing your fruit with peels. You seemed to have enjoyed it as it was. However, experimentation with variables enables you to discover your ideal formula. This one may have been good, but perhaps you'll find a drier, more spirit-forward Old Fashioned sublime.