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    Re: Five Fathers Pure Rye Malt Whiskey

    Thanks for the nice comments on the label. It is a one year old pure malted rye. As Tom says, it is young, but we were surprised at how quickly it matured in 53 gallon barrels. I won't say much about tasting notes as we prefer to let everyone give their own take, good, bad, or otherwise. At 110 proof it does have some spice to it for sure. The Five Fathers are our great great grandfather, H.E. Pogue I, the founder of the H.E. Pogue Distillery, then H.E. Pogue II, H.E. Pogue III, H.E. Pogue IV, and, just to be different, our father, John P. Pogue, Sr., who many of you may have met. The lower part of the label is taken from an old advertising poster from the late 1930s. It will be a limited offering with distribution in Kentucky to start, and is being released from the distillery next Wednesday, May 1. We will certainly have some at KBF in September as well. If I can navigate this I will post a picture of the bottle.
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