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    The Woes of a Liquor Entrepreneur: Or why liquor laws suck hard.

    So I've had it in my mind for a while now to start an online e-commerce business selling bourbon. I'm located here in Louisville and I know I'd be able to have first pick of the bourbons as the became available. While there are many existing online sources for bourbon, there is not yet a site that specializes it in (or if there is, they aren't on the first page of Google results and that's all that matters).

    I figured this would be straightforward, as I already know that The Party Source (https://www.thepartysource.com/) is based in Kentucky and ships liquor to all states that allow it. So I contacted the KY ABC board and inquired as to what license I would need to have in order to do that. They responded that it's not legal whatsoever for a public retail store to advertise or ship liquor from Kentucky no matter where it was going. This is according to state law KRS 244.350.

    What? So Party Source can do it and they just look the other way? I'm trying to do a business very similar to theirs but just focusing on a particular niche. Given that the law says it's not possible, yet it is, means something's not right here...
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