I stopped at an ABC store this afternoon to see if I could find anything new or interesting.

Well, the good news was, first I found a bottle of OFBB 89/02 on sale for $28. There was only one and I picked it up, immediately. A year ago, it was $38. So, now I have three bottles in reserve. This is my current all-time favorite, as long as it lasts.

Then, I looked up to see a single bottle of Kentucky Spirit with a crude, handmade sign under it saying, "$34.95 Closeout". That is $11 off the usual price, so I also took it and went to the checkout. I asked the lady, "Does this mean there won't be any more KS?", and she replied, "Yes".

So, apparently there is not only not anything new and interesting in Alabama, there will soon be one less good bourbon to choose from. Last year, it was Rock Hill Farms, this year, Kentucky Spirit. What's next?