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Agreed. I wasn't a bourbon enthusiast during the age stated days of OWA, so I don't have that comparison.... but the current juice is one of my favorites.

I do agree that it's a bit hotter (alcohol bite - wise) than it needs to be at 107 proof, but the sweetness and $19 price tag make it a great value pour, imo. ORVW 10/107 is older, more than twice as expensive, and hard to find/seasonal... but not all that much better (again, imo). And, for what it's worth, I find W12 to be far too thin for my palate.
Yeah I have given up on ORVW or PVW. There are far too many folks in Houston that rank higher on Spec's big spender list for me to get a bottle anymore...

I can see your point about W12 being thin, and the thicker mouthfeel of OWA is a good thing. To me though the complexity of the W12 wins out.