I started with a nice glass of Lagavulin 12yo CS from 2011 last night. The fruit in the malt stood out to me and makes such a great balance with the focused smoke of the salty, sulphuric peat. I'll be sad to retire this bottle. It scratches an itch that's not going anywhere anytime soon, but $90 is a steep price to pay for a bottle I'd like to never be without. So I'll probably have to be without it after all.

I moved on to a few pours of Longmorn 15. Much of the cork ended up in this dusty bottle upon opening, but any negative influence from this (whether real or imagined) has dissipated because I was enjoying the hell out of it last night. The sherry influence is unlike anything I've had before with silky raisins and prunes balanced by sweeter strawberry jam and nutty figs. I know I saw another one of these on a shelf somewhere around here... Where was it?!