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    What Wee Dram Are You Enjoying Now - Spring 2013 ...

    Quote Originally Posted by MacinJosh View Post
    Quite a few compliments of TomH. He picked these up from Masters of Malt.


    We first sampled the new Talisker Storm. I like it. The nose and finish are fantastic. Nice subtle peat with a good dose of ripe fruit. Mangos dominated. The palate wasn't as great as I'd hoped for. The peat took over and tended to overpower the dram. Very well rounded and silky though. Lots of Talisker character to like. I'd pick up a bottle if I could find one for $50ish.

    Ardbeg is really disappointing me as of late.
    I too am looking forward to the Talisker Storm - cant wait for it to make a showing stateside!

    Pure speculation, but reviews of the Ardbog (Ardbeg Day) have been mixed... Driscoll's blog raves about it while is German blog says he can't get past the tar (gives it a 5/10 - nice to see somebody use a larger range in the scoring scale):


    Galileo was disappointing as well but I hope this trend doesn't continue.
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