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    Re: What Wee Dram Are You Enjoying Now - Spring 2013 ...

    Wifey got me a bottle of Ballantine's 30 Year Old for my birthday so I had a few long pours of that yesterday.
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    Re: What Wee Dram Are You Enjoying Now - Spring 2013 ...

    Having a dram of John, Mark, and Robbo's The Rich Spicy One.

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    Re: What Wee Dram Are You Enjoying Now - Spring 2013 ...

    We used to enjoy that one as well, too bad the guy's business tanked.

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    Re: What Wee Dram Are You Enjoying Now - Spring 2013 ...

    Nice pour of Balvenie 12yr, as it won the "random bottle lottery" for the evening
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    Re: What Wee Dram Are You Enjoying Now - Spring 2013 ...

    The mises and I went out for a quick date night tonight, my mom is in town and a quick drink out on the town is a luxury to us these days.

    Not much for Bourbon, so I ventured into the dark side with a pour of Mac 18 and some JW Green.

    I think I give the Mac the edge, just like that sherry fruitness a bit more.

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    Re: What Wee Dram Are You Enjoying Now - Spring 2013 ...

    A bit of the Bladnoch 16 this evening. Very light to match the color with a soft fruity aroma. More spice than I expected on the palate but that nearly all disappeared with a mere drop or two of water (and I do mean a drop).

    Overall very pleasant and enjoyable as something a bit off the beaten path if not something I would buy again at the current price.

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    That Bladnoch might be a good candidate to use as a base in a blend.
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    Re: What Wee Dram Are You Enjoying Now - Spring 2013 ...

    Had some small pours from a fun line up of semi-dusty blends I've picked up recently. Started left to right and they kind of just kept getting better.

    The Vat 69 Gold seems to be from about the mid 90's. It was super funky on the nose, like almost too funky and barn-yardy, but pleasant enough on the pallet, and easy drinker and cheap mixer for 9.99.

    I found the Yellow Label Sheep Dip today with about 6 others I can go back for if I like it. I immediately noticed it was older packaging but haven't been able to date it. It was a big step up from the Vat 69 much broader on the nose and just all around more recognizable maltiness.

    The Glen Calder was actually very similar to the Sheep Dip. They were equally enjoyable. Not quite sure about the date on that one, it was tucked way back at the store and has a government warning but no upc although I suppose a label could have fallen off but no glue marks to indicate that.

    The Glen Gyle was by far my favorite. Probably has a lot to do with the slightly higher proof. I enjoyed this pour as much as any of HP 12 I can remember. I wish I knew more about dating these bottles to figure out when they were being made and dumped but, either way I'll probably be going back and scooping a few more up.

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    Re: What Wee Dram Are You Enjoying Now - Spring 2013 ...

    Quote Originally Posted by MacinJosh View Post
    This was mighty tasty. Lovely sweet, ripe, red fruit notes with a strong hint of strawberries and cranberries. An easy sipper that is WAY too drinkable.

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    Josh, is that your kitchen, or a restaurant or something? Looks, interesting and luxurious. And, how is the Arran Devils Cauldron? LOVE the packaging and mix of casks is intriguing as well.

    As for topic, I am having a little Port Charlotte Malts of Scotland cak 967, damn, no wonder Serge gave this a 93, it is marvelous stuff.
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    Re: What Wee Dram Are You Enjoying Now - Spring 2013 ...

    Laphroaig 18 last night to celebrate Friday night. Smooth, creamy, sweet peatyness...




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