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In Ralfie's latest vlog re JW Gold he mentions that he may have been given "wrong" info from a whiskey insider regarding the JW Green line. It may not be going anywhere, but they probably benefited from a jump in sales. He went on to remind everyone that such rumors from "insiders" are not always what they appear to be.


See the 12:00 mark.
Could be I suppose. But the news has certainly spread and is everywhere now. You would think at some point JW/Diageo would step in to dispel the rumor if it wasn't true.

About a year ago the Whisky Exchange blog noted that it "had been announced" the JW Green was being discontinued "in certain markets". Certainly leaves some room for interpretation. Was it announced by JW/Diageo? Does it mean it will still be produced but in smaller quantities and only available in certain countries? Sems a bit unclear. This article from even earlier seems to suggest that the news was coming from directly from Diageo and that it will eventually be discontinued.

I have no idea how reliable either link is of course.