Picked up several gift packs of older Talisker today. Just seemed to make fiscal sense once I counted it out on my fingers and toes!

I know prices vary by location but current local prices are roughly:
Talisker 10 - $59
Talisker DE - $68
Talisker 18 - $120
Total is $249

4 gift packs of 200 ml bottles of 10, DE, and 18 is $200 ($50 each)

That gives me a larger 800 ml "bottle" of the 10, DE and 18 for $49 less. And it appears to be older whisky although I can't find a definitive date other than the DE being TD-S:5HT that was bottled in 2005. Is older necessarily better? Who knows but if they had a bit more whisky at their disposal in those days maybe they could be a bit more selective about what went into the bottle and what went to the Diageo overlords for blending!

No matter how many fingers and toes I count it seems to me like a decent deal!

Talisker gift pack.jpeg

Also gave in to temptation and picked up a bottle of the Lark Single Cask Port finished Tasmanian whisky. We shall see!

Lark single cask.JPG