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I'm doing Glenfarclas, Glendronach, Balvenie, and Highland Park.

I will be in Skye, but not sure I'll make it to Talisker.

I'd love to go to Islay, but it's a huge pain in the arse to get there, and there's not much to do except visit distilleries it seems.
You mean that you want to do something BESIDES visit distilleries???? Oh, and drink whisky of course!

If I went to Skye not sure I would be able to stay away from Talisker! You can only hike so much and if you've see one Clan Castle you've pretty much seen 'em all! After all there can be only one...

(Actually Dunvegan Castle and Armadale Castle both sound kinda interesting!)

I know you can drive via a bridge to Skye but I wouldn't have thought Orkney was much easier than Islay. Would think you pretty much have to fly to both unless you've got a car and time to mess with a ferry.

Have a great trip!