Already have a bottle open in the back nad its almost gone. Love em for the price. $55 where I am from. It is not the best scotch I ever had, but it it is a fantastic deal. What other 18 can you get for $55?

Here are some tasting notes:

Nose: White grape juice, apple fritters, cinnamon frosting, roasted rosemary, pancake syrup, white bread, canvas, smokey charred marshmallow, a1 steak sauce, honey comb, tropical fruits

Taste: Sweet pineapple and orange at the front, immediately followed by creamy baking spices, cinnamon, pepper and splintering oak mid palate, then ends with savory heather, liquorice, char and chocolate; chewey and viscous, little bitterness despite a lot of tannin

Finish: medium length of char, cacao, sage, oranges, smarties; starts slightly medicinal but ends sweet and clean

Overall: Excellent Malt. I was a bit disappointed at first, but this is a treasure trove if you sit and sniff for awhile. There is a very faint smokey, savory and herbaceous component underneath that I can't put my finger on. At first I was worried that it was a poor sherry cask, but the more I contemplate, the more I realize that there is some peat hanging around! (At least I hope my experience picked it out correctly) This is made from refill oak, so this may have been married with old peated malt casks or Tomatin slightly peats their malt, neither of which they don't say. Indeed, a mystery. At least the notes match the distillers on the box: "hint of smokey heather." So, I must be doing something right and boy do I enjoy it! The nose never backs down - I quit recording by the third glass. Yes, the third glass because its greatest strength is that it is delicious.

The taste is the best part. Fruity, woody, spicy, creamy, savory and herbaceous, it is incredibly well rounded with fruits taking a bold lead but not overpowering. In addition, it is incredibly drinkable. No harsh tannin or bitterness. Your taste buds just water. The finish is aggressively bitter and medicinal at first before settling down to a clean fruity, candy like sweetness. Very well put together!