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To be honest, I haven't had the 9 yet so I I don't know if it is any good - I'm hoping it is at least on par with 6 but may be far fetched to think it will be like 3... Only 3 Sherry casks in the 9 it would appear.
Whoa, 9 is out? I have still been looking for 6! My bottle of 3 is still sealed, I need to find a special occasion to open that. Guess I need to start looking for a bottle of 9 to order, there is no way my local stores would have that at a decent price, if at all!.

It's interesting that they are using more casks for that release, weren't the previous releases only like 9 or 10 total casks? Guess they are going for bigger batches? This would be somewhat odd since Tun 1401 itself, the actual mixing tun, has a fixed capacity (2000 liters?) and it sounded like previous batches maxed it out.