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wow that's a pretty bottle. I like your thinking and I agree with your sentiment. it's actually a great time of year to find that kind of stuff when everyone else is searching for and saving up for the annual releases leaving other treasures on the shelf. I remember last year I was in a shop that had a PVW15 at like 3x msrp and right next to it a Lag12 DE 15% below msrp.
I'd take that Lag12 over the PVW15 all day any day.

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Saw a Longrow NAS (Springbank's peaty cousin) on the shelf yesterday. Don't think I have seen Longrow much in this area, if at all. Is it worth giving a try?
I haven't had the NAS Longrow, but I've had the 10, the 18, and the Gaja Barolo - these were all very good.