All right you chemists, sharpen your pencils and plug in your TI-84s.
Am intrigued with Springhill Indiana Straight Bourbon, which claims it is double barreled. Have emailed them asking how much time the juice sits in each barrel but no word yet.
Got me to thinking: just how many times will the entire distillate get in and out of the barrel wood per year? Assuming weather by season across the years is constant, does the wood impart the same amount of influence each year, each year up to a certain age, or does it decrease from the get-go year after year? And is angels share release constant? I'd think not, but chemistry and I never were terribly good friends.
If the barrel influence is constant year after year, does switching out barrels at year 3 make a difference? I'm assuming Springhill Straight Bourbon (nas) is a 4yr old.
Did anyone else ever double barrel?