I'm kind of new to bourbon, so what I have been doing the last few weeks is to buy and sample as many middle shelf "good" ones as I can, to try and get a sort of baseline idea of what a good bottle should taste like.

My plan is to eventually finish most of these off in the next few weeks or months (I'm not a big drinker, so this will take a while) and then set my sights higher, for some of the top shelf stuff. I figure that way, I can truly appreciate an exceptionally fine bourbon.

I understand, however, that a high price does not always equal better quality. So, I'm in a grey area of how to proceed from here. I don't have a ton of money to blow, so if I'm going to spend $50-$100 for one bottle I want to be sure I'm getting something that is worth the money.

Does that make sense? Here is what I have so far. Is this a good start to establish a baseline? I posted this same picture in another thread here earlier today, if it looks familiar to you, that's why.