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my two cents.

WHat they need to do is somehow figure out a better way to allocate the product to where it needs to go, which means, who is selling a lot of that size.

Case in point, I walk into my local Costco, and I see the same pallet of 1.75's sitting there that always sits there. Do they move product, sure they do. Do they move a pallet's worth, I don't think so. Nor the overstock sitting elsewhere.

Put the product to where the markets moves it, not who buys the most a lets it sit.

The numbers beam is looking at is cases sold to retailers from distributors. Those cases sitting at costco are sold product. Places like costco will throw a fit and pull makers if they cannot get enough product to fill shelves. Costco also only deals with pallets not cases.

It wont be places like costco that run out of Makers, it will be your mom and pop operations who buy only a weeks supply at a time.