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    An Instructive Story

    At the recent Sampler Gazebo, I saw a Maker's Mark that, in my reverie induced by some singular table offerings, struck me as possibly a rare older bottle of Maker's. I asked people around me what it was and someone, Mike I think or Art, said it was an 86 Makers. Great I thought, a rare chance to taste Makers when it was "supposedly" better than the current one. I took a swig and thought wow, that's a full rich taste with some of that older whiskey they must have used then. I started to emit a pronunciamento how the stuff from decades back is so often higher grade and such a pity it isn't like that now and bla bla. Then Mike said, "Gary, it's 86 proof, the 43% one that came and went". "[Gulp] Oh, I see, thanks guys".

    The power of suggestion...

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