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There is a relatively famous psych experiment that pretty much systematically proves what you are saying.
[Frédéric Brochet at the University of Bordeaux] took a middling Bordeaux and served it in two different bottles. One bottle bore the label of a fancy grand cru, the other of an ordinary vin de table. Although they were being served the exact same wine, the experts gave the bottles nearly opposite descriptions. The grand cru was summarized as being “agreeable,” “woody,” “complex,” “balanced,” and “rounded,” while the most popular adjectives for the vin de table included “weak,” “short,” “light,” “flat,” and “faulty.” - link to the summary of many blind taste results

Bourbon is not so different than art, right? When you buy a painting you buy a story, not just paint on the canvas. All art, including whiskey, lives and dies on the legends that make them interesting. It's like that 6-year old painter whose work sold for thousands, but when it came out that her father was guiding her, not another painting was sold. Same art - different story.

Anyway, my point is that maybe the instructive thing about the story is not, "don't let your judgment be colored by the bourbon's history", but instead, "remember to accept and embrace the fact that story and state of mind helps you enjoy your bourbon more."