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Gary, blind tasting was the principle reason I stopped buying expensive whiskys.
After that discovery, I pledged not to buy anything expensive unless I had tried it first. Before ECBP, I hadn't found anything that I enjoyed as much as a GTS or WLW (including PVW20). Of course, after making said pledge, I went to the KBF and bought a 25 yr rye that I hope (but don't expect) will improve with some air. I literally charted out my purchases of bottles over $50 which I had NOT tried before, and found that of the 8 I could recall - I was only really happy with 1 of them (THH). The rest I thought I would enjoy as much as items at half the price in most cases.

Of course, I'm REALLY hoping the 2012 FRSmBLE becomes my second, as I hadn't tried it yet