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i special ordered one from the hole in the wall place here in KY in May, when it was first released in KY. I too gave $15 for it. I have yet to see anyone in Louisville actually STOCK it though....

no loss though, we have regular old HH BIB white and gold labels here, and they are all so close itd be hard to distinguish them in a blind test. i might be able to tell the HH white from the gold, and the EWBIB falls somewhere between them. the gold label is $9.50 and the white is $10.50, so i dont care if i never see EWBIB on a shelf, Id grab the others first anyway

Opposite here, we don't get any of the HH products (save for the gold 80 proof, which is on our special order shelf?) and have had EW White lable for awhile. I'd love to try some of the HH.