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    Re: An unusual line up for a bourbon tasing contest

    Quote Originally Posted by Jono View Post
    The trouble is, many of these are not widely distributed so it is almost impossible for most readers to even compare notes.
    Most of these are apple/orange comparisons as you have young microdistiller bourbons mixed in with a few older.
    Agree. To me if they want to do some comparisons, I would love to see a "Fifty Best Microdistiller Bourbons Under 4 Yrs Old" or something. That would be instructive . . . although to earlier points, perhaps only instructive of who provided their spirits first and in the greatest quantity
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    An unusual line up for a bourbon tasing contest

    Every local winery that comes into the store has a giant awards sheet featuring golds and silvers from various competitions. If you send your product to enough county fairs, eventually you will win. Barefoot wine boasts that it is a gold medal winner on each bottle.



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