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    Re: Good bottom shelf whiskey

    I don't think any of these are bottom shelf, but they are at the bottom of the price range of bourbons that most of us on SB.com drink (i think)

    Weller 12 year was a a big suprise to me... this was reccomended after asking around for the most similar thing (sold today) to the 1970's (i think) Very Very Old Fitzgerald that Omar graciously brought to the gazebo in 2002... While it's definitely not in the same leauge as the VVOF, it does remind me (keep in mind i have a foggy memory of a year ago) of the flavors found in the VVOF, and it is a great bourbon for the price...

    Marvin's Ancient Ancient Age definitely was another hit... unfortunately i forgot to grab some of this before i got home... oh well, i already have too much bourbon to possibly taste for a while anyway... this is definitely next on the list when i have an empty bottle that needs replacing...

    not from the festival, but mark got me some virginia gentleman 90 proof on sale once from a store in virginia... I believe it was in the $12 to $15 range... At first i thought it was average and ended up drinking about 3/4 of the bottle before putting it aside for almost a year... i came back to it and let me tell you that last 1/4 of the bottle seemed MUCH better... i wish i had the smarts to open a fresh bottle and do a side-by side tasting of the two before i finished it... Is it really possible that the bourbon 'oxidized' in the 3/4 empty bottle enough to change the taste (for the better) that much? (if so i will be dumping all my bourbons into 1.75l bottles so they can start oxidising )...

    On marvin's advice i did let the AAA and the weller 12year sit in the glass for a while before drinking and both seemed to taste better (or this could be due to me 'tasting' each of them along the way too much )


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    Re: Good bottom shelf whiskey

    Oh, my low shelf. That's different!

    Old Grand Dad 86 is very nice, much nicer than the discussion on this board a year or two back led me to believe.

    Elijah Craig 12-yr is very good. I would take it almost any time.

    Old Forester 100-proof is also very good. I would never complain about this one.

    Those are all I can think of, just now. Unless I would insult WT101 by putting it here. I wouldn't.


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    Re: Good bottom shelf whiskey

    I assume your "EC" refers to Elijah Craig? Seems like a good price if you mean the EC 12!

    Yep I was and it's higher in LA and TX. I keep thinking I should buy a case before it goes up.



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