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    Re: So, What Bourbon's Going In Your Mint Julep On Derby Day?

    I don't really agree with Timothy's POV regarding the Julep. That may have been the origin of cocktails and punches, but nowadays it's more about the combination of flavors than making bad whiskey taste good. I agree that upper shelf stuff would be wasted in a mixed drink of any sort, but there are plenty of mid shelf whiskeys that are good neat and in cocktails. Four Roses Small Batch, Maker's Mark, Old Forester Signature, etc all work mixed. Plus, some whiskey is so bad it will end up ruining the drink rather than the drink improving the whiskey.
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    So, What Bourbon's Going In Your Mint Julep On Derby Day?

    I used OWA with fresh cut chocolate mint leaves and sugar. I have to agree with Josh, a good Bourbon should compliment the mint. Inferior Bourbon still tastes inferior with mint and sugar. IMHO anyway.

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    Re: So, What Bourbon's Going In Your Mint Julep On Derby Day?

    For a fun read on the proper method of mixing Mint Juleps, I suggest reading the Buckner Mint Julep Ceremony [the ceremony itself is described in the text of a 1937 letter from General SB Bruckner (at the time a former Commandant of Cadets at the US Military Academy at West Point) to Gen. Connor (at the time Superintendant at West Point)]:

    While I've seen Gen Buckner's letter in other contexts, this is the only place I've seen Gen. Connor's letter requesting the recipe.
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    Re: So, What Bourbon's Going In Your Mint Julep On Derby Day?

    Thanks for that link, Gen. Buckner's words are as refreshing now as when I first read them years ago.



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