Just had to share this, cuz it looks SO out of place. If you haven't checked out the results from the Bonham auction, you really should, because the prices are LUDICROUS and completely out of whack with the industry. Some clowns paid $800+ for a PV23, for example. Anyways, I have vintage bottles of Overholt from '48 and '53 in my house, so I have an inkling as to what older OO bottles look like..and while I know that a lot can change in 30+ years of packaging advancements, this bottle that sold for $1K+ at Bonham's looks like it was put together by high school students with a laser printer. It's just SO simplified, I can't imagine it's the real deal...any way, check it out: http://www.bonhams.com/auctions/2098...lts%26r1%3D207