TTB simply has a policy of not discussing its enforcement actions. I think they should be more answerable to the public they are charged to protect, but that's the way it is. Presumably, they believe they will receive better cooperation from producers if they are discrete. If it comes to a point where they penalize somebody for something, that's public, but if they negotiate a corrected label or persuade a producer to change its practice, that's confidential. If you think that's wrong, write to your representatives.

I have one example of something being changed due to my own complaints to TTB, in the case of Jack Daniel's Rye.

TTB is not equipped to actually investigate label claims. They count on two things: (1) voluntary compliance, which in fact they get probably 99% of the time, and (2) competitors ratting out offenders. The majors don't hesitate to rat each other out, but the idealistic micro-distillers are still too collegial for that. They'll get over it.