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    One for the little guys!

    I'm not a fan of "craft" whiskey. Its too woody and young; there is something statutory about it all. But I had a chance to taste Journeyman Distillery's Kissing Cousins at WhiskeyFest this year, and I was impressed. It wasn't liquid gold - but it was good..more than just palatable, which I think goes a long way. Kissing Cousins is only a year old and finished in a Cabernet Sauvignon barrel. The wine influence is strong and flavor profile is not typical - but its good, so who cares. If I run across a bottle, I'll buy one.

    We crap on a lot of "craft" whiskey here on SB, and most of it is merited (check out the most recent "Cleveland Bourbon Whiskey" thread). But there might be some decent micros lurking out there. Are there any that you are willing to plug on SB? If so, what bottles are worth our time and money?
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