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This news is really bringing out the worst in our hobby today. Between here and the blogs that have been posting about it there's been nothing but contempt and snark for Parker. As much fun as it is to poke holes in his reviews, and yes he should have researched and got his facts straight, I'm going to welcome him and those he brings with. I didn't know crap when I started drinking bourbon either. If he turns some people onto bourbon and they find something they like because of it that's great news. It's not a secret society any more. The critical mass of public awareness has already passed and this was only a matter of time. We should get ready to welcome some new members.
I also welcome people being misinformed about bourbon. Why should they taste it and make their own opinions when they can just read about it. Sometimes when I don't have time to take a ski vacation, I just read skiing magazines. Its just as exhilarating.