Geeze, things are pretty dead around here -- you'd think no one was really interested in bourbon. Sheesh.
So, at any rate, I was recently browsing through the excellent list of labels on this site, and the Regans' Bourbon Companion, and realized once again that there are a number of really interesting looking bourbons that the #$%%$^$*&& distillers only make available for export.
What gives?
In the Reagans' book, I've noticed Japanese in the small print of the label art. Are these bourbons done primarily for the Japanese market? Now, it may be true that the Japanese have (had?) more money to spend on expensive whiskeys than me, but is that any excuse for depriving me of 15 y.o. Eagle Rare, or some of those Four Roses bourbons.
And, on another note, is anyone interested in some sort of bourbon exchange? I've noticed that some of us have complained about unavailable bourbons, that seem readily available elsewhere. Perhaps a little shipping back and forth?