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    Smooth Ambler Old Scout Caramel Sauce

    I picked up a jar while on business in West Viriginia and it is pretty darn good. You can taste the bourbon without it being overpowering, its got the right amount of sweet and salty. I can't say whether its good on anything, because I ate it all straight out of the jar. I highly recommend it. I haven't found it online yet, but I'll post a link if I do.

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    Re: Smooth Ambler Old Scout Caramel Sauce

    Glad you liked it Jeff. It's damn good on ice cream. To be completely honest, I've only eaten it by itself, on ice cream, or on a blondie/brownie. So, I don't know what it tastes like on anything else either.
    Holl's, the folks that make it and our cordials do a great job on our stuff and on their own.



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