Long time reader, first time poster! Just wanted to say hey and that I enjoy this website and forum. I have been drinking whiskey (JD, Canadian, bourbon) off and on for years but over the past few years I have become more in tune with my "bourbon" self.

I enjoy trying new bourbons, but I am a cheap b-----d so I try to limit myself to a few standbys and maybe a new experience each month. My go to is Woodford Reserve. I currently have Woodford, Blanton's, Weller 12 year, Elijah Craig 12 year and Angel's Envy on hand. I doubt my wife would let me pay more than $50 to 60 a bottle unless it was a special occasion (e.g., I let her buy $300 in shoes or something...not that that has ever happened). I know this is a bourbon site but I also like RedBreast 12 Irish Whiskey.

I almost always drink bourbon or whiskey neat or on the rocks, although occasionally I will make a Manhattan. Looking forward to learning LOT'S more about bourbon from the experts on this site. I live in Pittsboro, Indiana (about 25 miles from downtown Indy.)

I would be interested in learning from others where the places are to go for selection and price of bourbon in the Indy area. I shop at a local store owned by Big Red Liquors. The selection is decent but always looking for better!