Hi! I am a chef from the Hartford area of Connecticut. I am almost 30 and have preferred american whiskey to other spirits basically my entire alcohol drinking life. First with coke as a line/shift drink at work, then in craft cocktails of all sorts. Only recently however have I enjoyed it neat. My GM gave me a bottle of Jefferson's VOVSM for Christmas, I went to my aunt's house for dinner, brought it along, and for whatever reason, it finally clicked. Since then I have been researching and hunting for bottles that interest me. CT has some pretty funky blue laws so sometimes availability is scarce or non existent. I currently have a small stash of Dry Fly, Angel's Envy, JPS18, High Wests, OGD BIB & 114, Dickel, Four Roses, Ritt, ER, WhipperSnapper plus a few more that are currently eluding me. No hoarding for me yet, but I do have an extra bottle of JPS18 as backup. Thanks for having me, looking forward to learning more and trying more whiskey.