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    Fun at Four Roses

    Well, today I had the privilege of participating in a private barrel selection at the Four Roses warehouses at Cox's Creek. We selected two barrels that will be sold at Eric's store in Elizabethtown, Ky., Packages and More Liquors. It was quite an experience, and I must say that Four Roses certainly does it right when doing something like this.

    We sampled from ten separate barrels, one for each of their ten recipes. All were 10-12 years old. Samples were drawn straight from the barrels and had plenty of char in them. We sampled at barrel strength, and then had the option of adding water if we desired (no one did). The sampling took place in the back of the bottling operation building, and the ten barrels were lined up on the floor immediately adjacent to where we sampled.

    Ultimately we chose one barrel each of the OESF and the OBSF recipes. All that we sampled were good, but to us these barrels stood out. Can't wait to see them in the store and take some home!
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