I have to say Central New York because when I tell people that I'm from New York they think I mean New York City. I have been getting into the bourbon scene since around the beginning of the year. It all started with a bottle of KCSB I received as a gift. It sat in my liquor cabinet for a LONG time until I pulled it out and made a Manhattan with it. It was AWESOME. Next thing I know I'm drinking it on the rocks. I went from there to EC12 which I find delicious and at an amazing price point. From there I got a bottle of Booker's with a gift card and have loved that as well. Since then I have tried OWA 107, WTRB, Elmer T. Lee, 1792 Ridgemont, BT, Noah's Mill, Four Roses Single Barrel, Four Roses Small Batch, OGD114, JPS18, and a few others. My favorites so far have been the Booker's and Four Roses Single Barrel. I really enjoy the higher proof stuff. I have managed to get my hands on a bottle of PHC 6th gen but cant bring myself to open it. I have been reading all of your posts for a few months and really enjoy your discussions. Thank you all for all of your insights.