As you can imagine I am constantly working at whiskey shows, so I have the opportunity to speak to quite a few reps from all over the industry. I try and use these times to further educate myself about different brands. Let's just say some are more educated about whiskey than others

"Chocolate malt... yeah they make it with cocoa nibs" - My all-time favorite

While at a show recently I was able to try some a new expression from a well-known non-producer. I asked the lady at the table, who mind you wasn't just some booth babe, if the whiskey was the same sourced distillate as the core expression. She didn't even know what the distillery I named was. She deferred to another rep, who I'm guessing was a ambassador of sorts. His answer was that "All (brand) is (brand) whiskey made at the (brand) distillery" My question is, does he truly not know, or was he trained to avoid the truth?