I am a long time scotch drinker. I prefer the single malts from Islay, no ice, no water. I have maintained for years that I didn't like bourbon. (Probably as a result of drinking low cost whiskey mixed with coke.) But, I decided to give bourbon a try after reading some reviews by Dave Broom and Jim Murray.

I have tried Wild Turkey Rare Breed, Elijah Craig 12 yr and Maker's Mark 90 proof, no ice, no water. The Wild Turkey is execellent, the Maker's Mark is great and the Elijah Craig is very good.

I have the following on my shopping list:

Blanton's Gold Edition
Elmer T Lee Single Barrel
George Dickel Superior No 12
Jack Daniels Single Barrel
Knob Creek 9 yr
Booker's 7 yr
Evan Williams Single Barrel

Any suggestions or comments welcome.

Regards, Jim