Greetings everyone!

I'm a 28-years young new entry to the bourbon world.

Two weeks ago purchased my first bottle of Kentucky straight (first bottle of booze ever, in fact). Sprung for Buffalo Trace @$17.99 on sale.

Started with it on the rocks and am now drinking it neat. I like the smoke, the burn, the finish seems to have a good linger to it. Working on trying to pick up the nuances in it.

Yesterday grabbed a bottle of EW 1783. I didn't think I'd taste much of a difference but really did. Poured a few fingers neat and was blown away at the up-front sweetness and easy smoothness of this one. Lacks in spice and smoke and finishes a bit fast compared to BT, but I enjoyed it so much I had to have another short pour before bed.

Glad to be here. I'm mostly a lurker but if I have anything to add or anything more I can take away I'll always chime in.